Variety in corona times

The employees in the individual working groups did not like the transparent partitions on the tables in the common room and immortalized themselves with signatures on the first partition. Heinz Düpmann then made an event out of it. Each working group was allowed to artistically design a partition wall - the boss provided small prizes for the first three places. The results were really great. We do have very creative employees. Coronainfo: We always wear a medical face mask as a matter of course.

But the snow also made for a change - here, too, the employees in the working groups lent a helping hand to clear the masses of snow. And snow also turns all adults into children again!!! Many a shovel full of snow flew into the wrong corner. To get an idea of the weight of the snow: there were 2.5 tons of snow on our truck scales - and there were no snow drifts! And then our employee had to use his tractor to pull our own vehicles out of the snow on the company premises. Afterwards, of course, the work clothes were changed and all the tools and containers were cleaned properly.