Marinated vegetable products from Düpmann

Our pickled vegetable mixes and vegetable products - spicy variety in top quality.

The increasing demand for pickled vegetable products as a particularly tasty way to enjoy them is making people inventive - both in terms of preparation and vegetable processing.

Sour, salty, spicy and always crunchy - we have a wide variety of creations that you can use as the perfect base for your products and process further.

We supply you with our marinated vegetable products in the best quality and at attractive prices. You can choose from various packaging options and sizes.

Product range - Vegetable processing

Onions marinated
Marinated cucumbers
Pickled cucumbers
Leek marinated
Marinated peppers
Marinated tomatoes
Garlic in brine
Pickled peppers
Pickled olives
Pickled mushrooms

...and many other vegetable products.

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