Gemüseverarbeitung Düpmann - Our service

Our vegetable production

At our site in Borgholzhausen, we market a wide variety of vegetable products in compliance with the highest quality standards.

Our motivated teams of employees have state-of-the-art processing machines at their disposal. Most of these special machines were developed and designed in-house. The daily requirements and our own ideas provided the solutions. We were inspired by the diverse, constantly changing requirements in the vegetable processing sector and, in particular, by your wishes as a customer. Meeting all of these requirements, being able to react flexibly to changes and at the same time expanding our range of services - these are the goals we are striving for.

We can deliver large quantities of processed vegetables "just in time".
Creativity in product development, consistently high quality and a flexible, needs-oriented service: our promise to you.


Field-fresh delicious!

All vegetable products have one thing in common: they come to us directly from the field - without any storage time at the producer. To guarantee this, we work very closely with our suppliers. We check the growing conditions and the produce itself directly on site. In this way, we create the optimum conditions for meeting all requirements for freshness and quality in the long term.

Flexibility, reliability and guaranteed freshness - this is how we create the ideal conditions for the success of your products.