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We bring freshness into shape

With a constant stream of new ideas and a passion for vegetable processing, we are your reliable and innovative partner.

Whether vegetable mixes, bell pepper segments, peeled onions, sliced onions or diced onions, vegetable rings, cubes, slices, pastes, flakes, dried, pickled, frozen or fresh - thanks to our individual product developments and special solutions, we can make everything possible, according to your needs and always in the best quality.

Take a look at our colorful assortment.


Product range - Vegetable processing

Fresh vegetables - bell bell pepper rings

Fresh vegetable products

Vegetable mixes and vegetable products made from fresh vegetables

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Frozen vegetables - frozen peas

Frozen vegetable products

We source the vegetables for our frozen vegetable mixes and vegetable products from the most important growing regions in Europe and China.

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Pickled olives - Gemüseprodukte Düpmann

Marinated vegetable products

Our pickled vegetable mixes and vegetable products - spicy variety in top quality

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Dried vegetable products - Garlic powder

Dried vegetable products

Powder, granules, flakes, ... - we make it possible.

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Zucchini sliced

Grilled specialties

Spring is coming - time to barbecue! We have fresh and nutritious ingredients for your barbecue products and salads.

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Latest news

December 15, 2022

Circular value creation

  Even if it has been a little quiet here under "News", we have not been idle. Last year we started the Circular Economy First Check with the FPI Food-Processing Initiative e. V. and the ites Institute at Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences and we are now on our second student project in this context. We are pleased [...]

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July 14, 2022

A lot has happened!

Let's deal with the nice things today - we always report on the bad things. We have a new barbecue and had to "barbecue" right away. As befits the occasion, with vegetable skewers, salads and dips from our customers (so that everyone knows what is being produced for) and on pallet tables, our management has prepared a barbecue for all employees present from production, [...]

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June 4, 2022

Reliable logistics and production control thanks to reliable technology

In order to produce good and safe food and to comply with all legal requirements, reliable process technology is required in addition to great employees. This must also meet all hygiene requirements. This is where we come to the stainless steel panel PCs from Wachendorff. We would like to thank the employees of Wachendorff for their consistently good [...]

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