A lot has happened!

Let's deal with the good things today - the bad things are always reported.

We have a new barbecue and had to "barbecue" right away. As befits the occasion, our management grilled vegetables, salads and dips from our customers (so that everyone knows what is being produced for) and on pallet tables for all the employees present from production, technology, administration and logistics - it was delicious. Dear employees in all departments: thank you for your great work in turbulent times! We are glad that we have you!!!

Andreas has been a truck driver with us for 10 years now! We all know what it's like on the highways and that it's easy to lose the joy of driving. Not so with Andreas: it can be hot or cold, it can rain, storm or snow, the trips can be long or short - whatever happens: We have never seen Andreas in a bad mood! Dear Andreas: thank you very much for your commitment, the many good moods and the always nice conversations. We wish you a good and accident-free ride and lots of joy, good humor and health in your life!!!

But that's not all. Our Vanessa has just successfully completed her apprenticeship in wholesale and foreign trade management. Dear Vanessa: your training period has passed so quickly and you have always done a great job here - we congratulate you on passing your exam and are particularly pleased that you are still part of the Düpmann team. And we congratulate the training manager Tanja: well done!!!