Frozen vegetable products from Düpmann

We source the vegetables for our frozen vegetable mixes and vegetable products from the most important growing regions in Europe and China.

Thanks to IQF shock freezing, all the important nutrients and vitamins are retained in the vegetables. We can flexibly realize individual packaging requests with your own logo or other design options.

Can't find the frozen vegetables you want in the list below? Please contact us - we will be happy to produce the desired vegetable products and vegetable mixes individually for you.

Product range - Vegetable processing

Frozen onions
Diced frozen onions
Frozen onion rings
Frozen shallots
Frozen garlic
Blanched frozen garlic
Flash-blanched frozen garlic
Frozen diced garlic
Frozen peppers
TK bell pepper strips
Frozen diced peppers
Frozen grilled vegetables
Frozen mushroom slices
Frozen French beans
Frozen kohlrabi strips
Frozen carrots
Frozen zucchinis
Frozen tomatoes
Frozen leek
Frozen potatoes
Frozen basil
Frozen cauliflower
Frozen peas
Frozen maize
Frozen mixed vegetables
Frozen asparagus
Frozen celery
Frozen kale

...and many other vegetable products.

Feel free to send us an inquiry or browse through our product catalog online.