Our dried vegetable products

Dried vegetable mixes and vegetable products - the essence of taste.

Dried vegetables - such as chilli, onions, garlic or tomatoes - are a real flavor bomb and also have a particularly long shelf life. We only use fresh ingredients of the highest quality for our dried delicacies.

We offer you a wide range of dried vegetable products: Garlic, onion or chili flakes, powder, granules, flakes and more - anything is possible. We are also happy to fulfill individual wishes on request.

Product range - Vegetable processing

Dried garlic
Garlic powder
Garlic flakes
Garlic granules
Garlic flakes
Dried onion
Onion powder
Onion flakes
Onion granules
Onion flakes
Dried chili
Chili powder
Chili flakes
Chili granules
Chili flakes
Dried tomato

...and many other vegetable products.

Feel free to send us an inquiry or browse through our product catalog online.