Gemüseverarbeitung Düpmann - Sustainability

Our contribution to the environment

Jane Goodall once said "We can decide every day anew what impact we want to have on this world"! We have decided to take all aspects of our environment and sustainability into account in all new buildings and conversions, in production and also in technology, and to implement them as quickly as possible.

We already opted for heat recovery from the refrigeration and compressor technology during the conversions in Marienfeld in 2009, and there is a photovoltaic system on the roof. These points were also important aspects of the new building in Borgholzhausen.

We have been working with reusable containers since the mid-90s. Our trucks are always purchased in accordance with the latest technology. Five of the six vehicles comply with the Euro 6 standard. The replacement of the older vehicle is already being planned. Our truck drivers are involved in resource-saving driving.

Our in-house mechanical engineering department plans the possible reuse of individual components right from the development stage.

In the production process, vegetable offcuts from certain products are 100% processed into other products. Surplus produce is passed on to the food bank or employees wherever possible.

When it comes to waste - of any kind - our motto is - reduce - recycle - remanufacture - reuse - rot! This is an important process that must be continued on an ongoing basis.

You can find this and other interesting information in our "Corporate culture" brochure.


European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD):


This is where Europe invests in rural areas


Funding is provided for an investment in the processing and marketing of agricultural products (M 4.2) as part of the

NRW Rural Areas Program 2014-2020

with the participation of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and the Federal Republic of Germany as part of the joint task "Improvement of the agricultural structure and coastal protection" (GAK).

The projects are supported with funding from the European Union.