Coronavirus - SARS-CoV-2: What is important to us!

The most important thing, as for most other people, is health! For this reason, a big thank you to our employees who, despite their fear of infection, despite changed working hours and requirements, show the greatest understanding. It cannot be said often enough: we are glad to have you! We assure you that - no matter what comes next - we will try to be available to answer everyone's questions and find a suitable solution for each individual.

We are currently still in the relatively good situation of being able to produce fresh food. But even that is no guarantee. Customers who produce for the catering sector are already having problems with sales - we are also feeling the effects of this. For everyone - whether customers, suppliers or forwarders - it is impossible to plan what is yet to come. That's why we are also pleased to hear from customers who communicate with us and say that we need to find a joint solution if there are problems and hope that there are not so many customers who put their own safety above everything else. We are happy that we have had very good contacts with our farmers and with our Spanish, Dutch and Polish suppliers, some of whom have been with us for many years and who have still been able to supply us with raw materials. Things are also getting tight for the forwarding agents, but there is still very good communication so that a solution can be found for everyone. In addition, we have to expect price increases in all areas.

One of our favorite sayings is "You have to expect everything - even the good things!" With this in mind, we are keeping our fingers crossed that we will overcome this crisis together - despite many thoughts and worries on all sides.

Stay healthy - no matter where you are!
Heinz & Sylvia Düpmann