Free travel on the A33 - We are at the forefront!

 Düpmann - now also easy to reach from Bielefeld!

The A33 gap closure is complete! The "countdown" was heralded by the big citizens' festival on Saturday. The festival started punctually at 10.00 a.m. with the highway run and continued throughout the day on the highway and in the tent. We also had a small stand in the tent to promote Düpmann as an employer. It may not have been the right place to find trainees or other employees, but our trainees Joalina and Jannis were on hand to provide visitors with information. The most frequently asked question was: What is Düpmann actually? On their first mission of this kind, our trainees were able to answer this question convincingly.

Monday was the day. Our truck driver Gerd - accompanied by Joalina - was one of the first to drive along the highway with his beautiful semi-trailer. In the gray weather, our beautiful trailer was a real splash of color.