Donation campaigns

"What would be possible in this world if everyone helped each other..."
(Quote: author Gabriele Seifert)

We present the projects we support.

JUZ Youth Center Kampgarten in Borgholzhausen

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JUZ - Youth Center Kampgarten Borgholzhausen

The youth center is located in the heart of Borgholzhausen and is run by the Evangelical Church in Borgholzhausen. In addition to regular activities such as play and learning time, children's café and girls' get-together, vacation games also take place every year. The JUZ is also on the move. There are also regular individual projects, such as the graffiti project in 2016, where the exterior façade of the youth center was redesigned. Further information is also available at
Juz in Versmold

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Youth center JUZ Westside Versmold

Of course, this is also about working with children and young people. During the vacations, we have been regularly going to Otterndorf on camps for years, and there are activities/holiday games during all the vacations. Of course, there are also regular activities such as "Girlz only", cinema bus and parkour training. The youth center is run by the Ev.-Luth. parish of Versmold. Further information can be found on the website
Fruit alarm in Bielefeld

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Fruit alarm" Bielefeld

Fruchtalarm is a fully donation-funded project that supports children in their fight against cancer. The weekly "fruit alarm" is primarily about having fun, but with a very valuable background: the chemotherapeutic treatments, which the young patients usually have to passively endure, repeatedly change their sense of smell and taste in the course of the therapy. This makes it more difficult for the children and adolescents to take in food and fluids, which is so important, and they often refuse them completely. With their sweet and sour flavors and colorful syrups and juices, the fruit cocktails stimulate all the senses and thus increase the children's motivation to drink more in a very informal and enjoyable way." We think that this introduction on the Fruchtalarm homepage aptly describes the project. You can also find more information here:


Things didn't always run smoothly on our construction site in Borgholzhausen and it probably didn't get boring on either side. We planned, drew, talked and discussed until our heads were spinning and then we got down to work to turn all those lines on paper into a company building, which will soon be the venue for our 150th anniversary and our (building site) opening party. And in order to even start planning a new production facility, we are dependent on the cooperation of many good business partners. On this page, we would like to draw attention to our three donation projects and thank our first donors. We hope that a few more will join us over keeping with the idea "What would be possible in this world if everyone helped each other..." (Quote from the author Gabriele Seifert).

The money collected during our company party will also be donated in equal parts to these projects.


Donation accounts:

Church district of Halle
Kreissparkasse Halle/Westf.
DE63 4805 1580 0000 0012 06
"JUZ Kampgarten
Borgholzhausen - Düpmann"
Evangelical Lutheran parish of Versmold
Versmold City Savings Bank
DE38 4785 3355 0000 0008 10
Purpose "Inauguration
Düpmann company"
Laer Foundation
VB Bielefeld- Gütersloh eG
DE73 4786 0125 0171 1111 00
Intended use
"Fruchtalarm - Düpmann"


We would like to thank the following companies for their donations:

loy-webdesign husemann

Specialist planner for traffic systems
and drainage

cordes-graefe-brand consign-zeitarbeit
mefus-fresh r-s
huelshorst delicatessen howdey
volksbank-guetersloh ortkras
Höfelmeyer people's bank
Bridge HRP