Time of farewells

Employees come and go - that's just the way it is. But this month, three employees who have been with us for many years and who have grown close to our hearts are leaving us.

Markus, actually a locksmith, was our man for all technical tasks and emergencies and was also available to us as a truck driver for several years. He started working for us about 18 years ago and introduced himself as a "development worker from the East" and sometimes this really did fit. He knows virtually every screw and almost every weld seam here in the company, was involved in the conversions and extensions in Marienfeld and was always actively involved in setting up the company and moving the machinery to Borgholzhausen. And many a night he also stood in as emergency service.

Teresa and Damian joined us about 15 years ago as cleaning staff on the night shift through a service provider. When things didn't work out so well with the service provider, we took them and other employees on. The two of them were like brownies in the cleaning department at night. Sometimes you didn't even see them and in the morning it was nice and clean. When you met them in the morning, there was always a cheerful "hello" - no matter how long the night was. Over time, the two of them joined the production team - Teresa became our specialist for garlic purees and Damian managed the dispatch department on the late shift and was always spontaneously at the machines when something was missing or when things weren't running smoothly somewhere. And if you hear someone humming, singing and laughing heartily somewhere, you know that Teresa is nearby.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to these three employees. They have been part of our development and lived it. They have always shown exceptional commitment and we are very reluctant to let all three of them go. We are not only losing great employees, we are also losing great people! Markus is going into well-deserved retirement and Teresa and Damian are going back home to be with their families. We sincerely wish them all the best and would be delighted to receive a visit or two from our colleagues and Sylvia and Heinz Düpmann!