The 100th conveyor belt!!!

Düpmann has had its own mechanical engineering department for many years. The head of this department is Burkhard Düpmann. Since 1990 - he started working in his parents' company straight after completing his apprenticeship - he has been contributing all his technical skills to the company. In the beginning, Burkhard helped build the machines himself - now he deals with the complete planning and drawing of the complex machines. For example, he built the first peeling machine for onions back in the 1990s. This was followed by vegetable washers, tilting devices and our onion and bell pepper segment system - just to name a few projects. The machines and systems also include the complete planning of the production processes, because somehow the vegetables have to get from the raw goods warehouse to the finished goods warehouse via processing. In addition to the technical refinements, all hygiene, occupational safety and legal aspects must also be taken into account in the planning. And a major problem at the moment is the shortage of skilled workers, not only for us but also for our suppliers. This is always a real challenge in all areas.

Now we come to the most important thing!!! Burkhard has now designed 100 conveyor belts, which he initially helped to build himself and which are now being built by our technical staff. And here we are only talking about the conveyor belts whose construction was documented from the start. There were quite a few conveyor belts that were built before that. We think that's a great achievement!

We would like to thank Burkhard for the great work and the many ideas - even if we sometimes had our heads spinning with planning and discussions, we can still look back on great results. Keep up the good work!


Commissioning of the first onion peeling machine in 1990.