How about peeled garlic from Italy or Spain?

The industry in Germany has been using peeled garlic from China for many years. It is very mild, very white and inexpensive. However, prices are currently rising sharply due to poorer harvests. And so we would like to promote our European garlic - as we have been doing for several years now. Although it is not quite as white and sometimes has small blemishes, it is much more flavorful. Garlic from Spain has been part of our range for many years, and sales volumes are constantly increasing. For two years now, we have also had Italian goods - deep-frozen - in our product range. As garlic from every country has its own unique taste, we always have the right clove for your individual recipes.

A few weeks ago, we visited one of our Italian garlic producers. During our audit, the producer impressed us with its outstanding quality and reliable delivery capabilities. Just a few days after our visit, a major contract was signed between us.

Did you know that garlic is now also grown in Germany? So if you would like to support our German growers, we have the right contacts!

By the way: we offer garlic in a wide variety of forms: as peeled fresh or frozen goods, diced, processed into purees and also as granules or powder - we can tailor it to your requirements. Talk to us!