From the times before Corona: Our Health Day!

Back in January - when Corona was not yet determining the rhythm of life - we offered a health day for our employees. For this reason, AOK Nordwest came to us with their experts. Every employee received nutritional advice, had their body fat measured and then had their biological heart age measured. Here we go - off we go on the bicycle ergometer and pedal hard for 3 minutes! This is where the differences between chronological age and heart age become visible. Some of these were very positive, but for many employees they were also alarmingly negative. We hope that our employees will also use this evaluation to do something for themselves and are also on hand with advice and help. The AOK also offers its help.

Then there was an estimation task from the AOK. The AOK provided a voucher for €50.00 for a sports store as the prize. Our employee Teresa was delighted with this prize.


Our employee Erdogan is instructed on how to measure biological age - Tanja receives advice on posture.